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The Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village/ Sun Moon Lake Ropeway

Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village has the largest outdoor museum in Taiwan dedicated to displaying the traditional homes and architecture of Taiwanese nine principal aborigine tribes.

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The Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village was founded in 1986 by its current president, Jung-i Chang. Mr.Chang's vision was to establish a place to both preserve and teach about Taiwanese aboriginal heritagewhile, at the same time, provide a spacious venue for people to spend and enjoy their leisure time. The history of his family has long been intertwined with those of Taiwanese native aborigine cultures. It was his ownancestor, Da-ching Chang, who negotiated with local tribal representatives to open to cultivation the area around modern Feng-Yuan for Chinese settlers.

Sun Moon Lake Ropeway lies to the south east of Sun Moon Lake, the north of Ita Thao community, and the west of Youth Activity Center. The station is 3.74 hectares in area and is under the local government of Sun Moon village, Yuchih township. The Ropeway incorporates water, land, and air and merges the two characteristic tourist attractions in Taiwan. It takes about 30 minutes to drive between F.A.C.V. and Sun Moon Lake; it is now shortened to 6.8 minutes by taking the Ropeway.

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