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The concept of our product "Ita Thou Black Tea Happy Heart Cake" originates from a lovely aboriginal story of the Thou. "Happy Heart Cake" could also be transliterated as cake of “Le-Xin” which sounds like “hospitality” under Chinese pronunciation, and it is taken from the names of the founder "Xiu-xin Chen" and his son "Le Chen". The cake is in the shape of a tringle heart that symbolizes “Sun” and “Moon” and the story of our family of three. We hope by eating this heart-warming cake, people could recall the feeling of being in first love and could remember the Thou ethnic group of Sun Moon Lake. Therefore, we use the most popular Michelin three-star black tea grown locally to create special flavors and not greasy pastry cakes, so everyone could enjoy the happiness of the sweets together.

Address No. 3, Dehua St., Yuchi Township, Nantou County 555, Taiwan
Phone 0913155906(廖小姐) 0982251197(陳先生)
Open Time
Remark Weekdays 10:00-19:00
Weekend 09:00-20:00
Closed on Tue.


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