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The Monster Theme Restaurant is located in the center of the Monster Village. It is a polygonal restaurant that does not destroy nature and coexist with trees. In addition to dining, you can absorb rich phytoncide. The Monster Theme Restaurant is a large restaurant that can accommodate about 600 people. It serves group banquet table dishes, urn chicken, pots, Chinese snacks a la carte. Chinese dishes are mainly traditional breakfast dishes and alpine live fish dishes such as bamboo shoots and fat intestines, oolong tea oil chicken, shiitake wild mountain celery, sturgeon dragon fish dishes, etc., especially butterfly chicken is the top choice. Besides enjoying the atmosphere, you can enjoy the delicious feast in the Monster Village.

Address 558台灣南投縣鹿谷鄉興產路2號
Phone 049-2612-377
Open Time
Remark 07:00-09:30


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