Cingjing Small Swiss Garden Ticket (Concession Ticket)

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Cingjing Small Swiss Garden Ticket (Concession Ticket)


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The Small Swiss Garden featuring the “charm of Northern Europe” as a theme is a popular attraction one must visit at Qingjing in Nantou.

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Product includes: Small Swiss Garden admission ticket Concession Ticket x1

▏Cingjing Small Swiss Garden

The Small Swiss Garden is a must-visit attraction known as “Taiwan’s Little Switzerland” for its fascinating floral garden with fairytale theme full of European atmosphere. The six-hectare garden offers daily fountains show with fixed schedule. You can enjoy beautiful flowers at day and musical water dance with multicolored lighting at night.

Visitors like to take photos and check in on their Facebook at the famous scenic spots such as the water chapel, the luoyu pine trail and the green forest garden. You will be enjoying the charm of the different seasons in the Small Swiss Garden: spring for flowers, summer for coolness, autumn for maples, winter for snow, and the great beauty of luoyu pine forest.

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▏The entrance of Small Swiss Garden

※Opening Hours: 09:00 a.m.–09:00 p.m. daily.

※Suitable For: Students, Public Servants, Children above 7 years of age, group tickets of 10 or more, and Nantou County citizens.

※There are a few daily fountains shows at the regular time during opening hours. Please get your hand stamped by the staff at the entrance for one day reentry permit if you wish to watch the show.

➥ Please present QR Code of your order to the staff for exchange at the entrance then entering the garden.

➥ For more information,click for official website and additional details.


● Repurchase is required if tickets are lost. Tickets will not be refundable once they are used or damaged.

● Please pay within an hour after placing your order. Any unpaid order will be automatically cancelled by the system after one hour.

● The system does not allow revision of orders. If you want to change the number of people, refund of tickets and re-orders are required.

● You can go to the Nantou Fun Pass website or its app or send an email to get a refund for unused merchandise.

● If there’s any system error or ticket queries, please call our service hotline: 03-5910052 Monday to Friday 09:00-12:00; 13:00-17:00.

※ Due to high elevation and for safety reason of visitors, the service will be temporarily suspended when heavy rain, strong wind, thick fog or typhoon(Day-off declared by Nantou or Chiayi city government) occurs. 

※ For the garden closure due to weather or other irresistible factors, neither refund nor compensation can be made. Please visit anther day.

▏Little Swiss Garden Ticket Information

Ticket Weekday Ticket Weekend and Holiday Ticket Suitable Users
Full Ticket NTD $120 NTD $150 General Public
Concession Ticket NTD $90 NTD $120 Students, Public Servants, Children above 7 years of age, group tickets of 10 or more, and Nantou County citizens.
Senior and Disabled Caregivers NTD $60 For tourists aged 65 and above and primary care givers for the disabled.
Veterans and Locals NTD $20 Veterans, staff of the Veterans Affairs Council, Veteran spouse and direct blood relatives, and Renai village citizens of Nantou County.
Free Entry Disabled and Children below 7 years of age.


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