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Sun Moon Lake Kayak Ticket


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To explore beautiful Sun Moon Lake by kayaking is a must-try apart from sightseeing yacht, ropeway and bike. You will enjoy some pleasant time together with a bunch of friends paddling on the peaceful lake.

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    即日起 ~ 2025/05/21

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【Product including】

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Kayaking provides a brand-new experience to appreciate the splendid scenery of Sun Moon Lake. You can get the hang of paddling techniques under the guidance of professional coach. Shortly, you will be ready to go to enjoy the fun of leisurely kayaking on the quiet lake and bringing home unforgettable memories.

Present the QR Code of your order to the staff at Ita Thao Visitor Center for exchange. Read the safety instructions and consider the environment and personal physical conditions prior to kayaking for the purpose of a safe, comfortable trip and leaving you with the best memories.

※Using Time: 30 mins/per tim

※Present the QR Code of your order to the staff at  ticket booth (visitor center) for exchange.

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Ita Thao Ticket Office(Customer Service Center): No.11, Shuishalian St., Yuchi Township, Nantou County 555, Taiwan,TEL:0905209216

※It is an anytime ticket that gives you freedom to use at any time of the day all year round.

※Opening Hours: 8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. daily

※Notices for Water Sports:

   1. Individuals with the following physical conditions or those who are not suitable for excessive stimulation are not recommended for kayaking: hypertension, heart disease, asthma, epilepsy, pregnant women.

   2. Always wear a life jacket, forbidden to be taken off, during kayaking. Violators are responsible for accidents that happen.

   3. Please keep your belongings to you. We are not liable for any loss or damages caused by falling into water.

   4. All facilities will be closed due to bad weather conditions such as storms, strong winds, thunder, fog, etc.

   5. Tickets will not be refundable once they are used.

※Repurchase is required if tickets are lost. Tickets will not be refundable once they are used or damaged.

※In case of dense fog, typhoon (suspension of service announced by Nantou County Government) and poor weather conditions, etc., the store reserves the right to be closed.

※If the schedule is delayed due to weather or other irresistible factors, compensation shall not be required.

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