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【Sun Moon Lake PASS】Round-trip bus ticket+Bike+Round-The-Lake Bus


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The lake cycling trail has been dubbed by CNNGO, CNN as one of the most beautiful cycling trails in the world.

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    即日起 ~ 2023/12/31

  • Valid dates

    即日起 ~ 2023/12/31

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    套票第一次使用後請於幾天內使用完畢: 15

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    Credit Card

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※ Taichung – Sun Moon Lake Round-trip Bus Ticket
※ Bike Rental Voucher
※ Round-the-Lake Bus one day pass Voucher

Original price NT.666;Discounted price NT.560

The package is valid until December 31 of the year, and the included items must be used within 15 days from the start date of use.
E.g. One of the items is redeemed to use on 1/1, and all other items need to be redeemed before 1/15.
The included items can be used separately for different days. See the instructions for use details.
The return ticket can be used within 15 days after you redeem the round-trip ticket day.

※After online credit card payment is completed, it’ll produce goods QRcodes.

※You can find QRcodes at your Email or Login to website member center.

※Please present QRcode on smart phone or print it in advance to redeem the ticket at each store:

1.Taichung – Sun Moon Lake Round-trip Bus Ticket:

(1)Nantou Bus Taichung Gancheng Station (Tel:04-22256418、Business Hours:06:00-22:00)
*Address:No.35-8, Sec. 1, Shuangshi Rd., North Dist., Taichung City 404, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

(2)Nantou Bus HSR Taichung Station (Tel:04-36018665、Business Hours:07:30-18:00)
*Location:Taichung HSR station area on the first floor fifth exit.

※There is no reserved seat service for round trip tickets. Please line up on site to wait for the bus.

*Website:→Nantou bus service station Information
*Website:→6670 Taiwan Tourist shuttle Sun Moon Lake route timetable

2.Bike Rental Voucher:<Choice One>

(1)Suong-Meeng (inside of the Shuishe Zhongxing Parking Lot) Rent three hours
Tel:049-2856691 Business Hours:May-Oct 8:00-18:00、Nov-Apr 8:00-17:00

(2)Marida Bike (Like Bike Rental Spot) Rent two hours
Tel:049-2855295 Business Hours:7:30-18:00

(3)Marida Bike (Xiangshan Bike Rental Spot) Rent two hours
Tel:049-2856558 Business Hours:May-Oct 8:00-18:00、Nov-Apr 8:00-17:00

(4)CYC Bike (Opposite to the Sun Moon Lake Cable Car Station) Rent two hours
Tel:049-2850237 Business Hours:May-Oct 8:00-17:00、Nov-Apr 8:00-16:00

(5)OPEN!BIKE (on the 3rd floor of Shueishe shopping mallRent two hours
Tel:049-2856466 Business Hours:09:00-18:00

(6)Giant Bike (Sun Moon Lake Rental Spot) [*(Closed on Every Thursday)Rent one hour
Tel:049-2856713 Business Hours:May-Oct 6:00-19:00、Nov-Apr 7:00-18:00

※If you want to change other models, please increase the price on the scene.
※For safety reasons, please contact the bike store in advance on heavy rain day.

※Please pay attention to the business hours of each bicycle store for fear of affecting your rental rights.

3.Round-the-Lake Bus one day pass Voucher:

※Please redeem at Nantou Bus Sun Moon Lake Station counter.

※Unlimited taking round-the-lake bus on the day of using.

*Website:→6669 Sun Moon Lake - Ita Thao - Syuanguang Temple (Round-the-Lake Bus) timetable

1.Merchandise must be made from the same agent for each order and it must be quoted in NT.
2.Early reservation might be necessary before using tour package merchandise. Please refer the description of each merchandise.

3.The usage expiration of travel merchandise:
Package voucher expiration date is 12/31 of the year. Unused items within expiration date are refundable upon the rules of Cingjing travel agency.

4.Refund rule: handling fee is NT30
Whoever has used the partial voucher, the original price of the used items should be deducted.

5.Please follow the steps below:Login to website→「member center」→「My orders(Completed)」→Select the order→「Refund request(Green frame)」.
After receiving the refund request, Cingjing Travel Agency will calculate the refundable amount according to the refund rules.

16% off
NT$ 666 NT$ 560
  • 6557 Viewed
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NT$ 666
16% off
NT$ 560