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Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village|Full-price Ticket


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Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village is close to Sun Moon Lake. This diverse theme park is divided into 3 main theme areas: European Palace Garden, Amusement Ilse, and Tribal Scenic Area, and suitable for people of all ages to experience.

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Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village consist of three major thematic parks, the European Palace Garden, Amusement Ilse, and Tribal Scenic Area. The theme park boasts the tallest free fall ride in all of South East Asia, and the village also has a Ropeway connecting to the Sun Moon Lake, a one-stop park to immerse yourself in the beauty of the middle of Taiwan, where the mountain peaks surrounds the gem that is the lake. Recently, the village has garnered increasing popularity.

Furthermore, the European Garden is truly comparable to the Gardens of Europe with delicate features; the richness of the Tribal village is a santuary and an altar for the Aboriginal culture to be carried forward, it is full with displays of traditional garments, architectures, imagery, food, music and more, it is a perfect place to display Taiwan’s original culture to the world.

【European Palace Garden

“A Life of Leisure” Like a palace in Europe, the Shuishalian European Garden occupies an area of about 6 hectares. A vast open garden fit for the royals, a resemblance of what a garden in Europe should have, it is also the biggest of its kind in Taiwan. The park is renowned for being a popular backdrop to many Television drama series. The Baroque music companied by the Roman water features, here at the gardens you can take the miniature train ride, feel the breeze in the air as you stroll across the clock tower and fountains, and enjoy a spectacular lunch at our Ligong Restaurant.

(Every year in March, the romantic season kicks off with violet lavender blossoming across the gardens)

【Amusement Ilse

It’s a joyous occasion for all at Joy to the World. Get a taste of a trip around the world as you go through our adventurous rides, or hop on one of our more relaxed ride for the entire family as you feel the excitement in the air, in the middle of the mountains.


It’s the first light weight Ropeway system in Taiwan. Carriages are held 40 meters above ground with clear viewing windows and spacious seats inside. On the cars you get to take in the view of the entire village from above, the ride stretches over 1.877 kilometers which ends at Sun Moon Lake. The 7 minute ride to enjoy everything the lake and the village has to offer over the mountain ridges.

【Tribal Scenic Area

Here in the aboriginal village, we offer the most original experience of our culture, family DIY activities and traditional performance(s) that allows a fully immersive experience of the culture of the aboriginals.

The village is also the biggest cherry blossom field in Taiwan, at the season of blossom, more than 5000 trees blossom simultaneously, a spectacular sight to behold, during the season, the village is often jam packed with tourists.

※Village Guide: click me for more information.

※Transportation: click me for more information.

︱How to Redeem Your Voucher

  1. Please present the mobile or printed voucher (QR code) to the staff at the the tickets booth of Formosa Aboriginal Cultural Village to redeem your physical ticket for entry.
  2. Verification after presented QR Code to the staff at the gate of Sun Moon Lake Ropeway Station 3F.

Tickets booth of Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village

the gate of Sun Moon Lake Ropeway Station 3F

 ︱Operation hours

  • Weekdays 09:30-17:00 / Weekend 09:30-17:30 
    Hours of tickets booth: 09:30-15:00
  • Please refer to hours of operation, operating hours are subject to change, seek on-site announcements for any changes.
  • Due to natural disasters, weather or other force-majeure, the village will announce closing ASAP.

  • Please read Visitors Regulation of Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village for more information(
  • The admission tickets include park entrance, the use of all attractions and shows in the park but food, drinks and merchandises.
  • Only accept Citizen's Travel Card. No Credit cards.
  • Sun Moon Lake Ropeway ride is a gift for admission of FACV. However, we reserve the right of presenting the gift or not and would not compensate for any lose due to the close of ropeway for whatever reason.
  • Amusement rides may have limitation of height. Please check the picture below. 

 ︱Regular Prices

Ticket Type Individual Group Qualifications
Adult NTD 900 NTD 800 The ticket is applicable for all adults.
Student NTD 800 NTD 700 The ticket is for high school and college student, with student ID.
Children NTD 700 NTD 600 The ticket is for elementary school student (under 12 years old). When ID is not available, ticket applies to child who is taller than 120cm but shorter than 150cm.
Elder/ Disabled/ Kid/ Preg NTD 450 NTD 450 The ticket is for senior citizens who are older than 65(included), pregnant, disabled and children between 3 to 6 years old (When child's ID is not available, ticket applies to child who is taller than 100cm but shorter than 120cm)
  • Group ticket:The ticket is for a group of 20 people or more and come to park with a bus (please reserve by phone one day before the arrived date). Different group tickets are also available according to above mentioned conditions.
  • Child who is shorter than 100 cm or under 3 years old needs to provide ID or certificate and be accompanied by a ticketed adult to enter the park for free of charge. According to the regulations of Tourism Bureau, the proportion of caregivers to children, less than 3 years old, should be no more than ratio of 1:3. For child who needs special care, the proportion of a ticketed adult to children is 1:1.
  • Parking fee: motobike NT$20, Bus / Car NT$100.
  • Parking fee is for cleaning and maintaining the parking lots. Cars, accessories of the cars and goods in the cars are not in our custody. Please do not leave valuables in your car. Thanks for your understanding.
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